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Shaheed Moula Bukhsh Dashti






SHAHEED Moula Baksh Dashti, an eminent personality belonging to the National Party, was assassinated on July 11, 2010.

No one can deny Shaheed Moula Baksh's significant contribution to the Baloch nation. A thorough Baloch nationalist, he was an eccentric character. His sincere deeds made him the district nazim. He worked diligently in this capacity to strengthen the educational sector.

Moula realised that education is the only way to bring awareness among the Baloch youth. He believed that through education Balochistan can realise the dream of sustainable socio-economic development while it can also enhance political awareness in the province.

Furthermore, he worked for the health sector as well, along with developing infrastructure. His services as an effective nazim were recognised by several NGOs.

I can never forget his lecture on nationalism and democracy, which was very motivating for Baloch youth.

I have personally never seen such an eminent personality in Kech, who laid down his life for the Baloch nation. Such personalities will always be remembered in the pages of history.  (DODA RASHEED AHMED BALOCH  Turbat)
 Maula Baksh Dashti Anniversary

 Thousands of people in Mekran paid glowing tributes to slain political activist Maula Bakhsh Dashti in Turbat Wednesday.

People from all walks of life from Dasht, Buleda and Tump gathered in Turbat to pay homage to Dashti on the second anniversary of his assassination by the militant Baloch Liberation Front. large number of Baloch women also participated in the rally.The commemoration to pay tributes to Dashti and other martyrs was organized by the National Party, a Baloch secular and democratic party, that draws its political inspiration from the teachings of the late Mir Ghoush Bakhsh Bizenjo, one of the founders of modern Baloch nationalism who like Dr. Martin Luther King believed in non-violence.

Dr. Malik Baloch, president of the National Party, showered praise on his assassinated colleague and said because of its resources and strategic location Islamabad and other foreign powers were casting an evil eye on Balochistan.

He said workers like Dashti were an obstacle in the way of those conspiring to sell Balochistan for their selfish interests and that was the main reason he was eliminated.

                                                   Mohammed Jan Dashti, son of Maula Bakhsh Dashti, paying tributes to his father.

Others who spoke on the occasion included the slain leader's young son Mohammed Jan Dashti, poet Basheer Bedar, former speaker of the Balochistan assembly Mir Akram Dashti, former member of the National Assembly Dr. Yasin Baloch, Engineer Hameed Baloch, Pullain Baloch, Shakeel Advocate and Yar Jan Buledi.

The late Dashti, who had nearly four decades of public service behind him, has quite a few close relatives and friends in the U.S. and Canada.